Video password1: butoh // video2: butoh2

Text Performed: Biarritz, an artistic seaside encounter.

The young girls of Proust. Something ...,

a thing, a form, a gesture on the Butô Gestures of ghosts, stories a little too puffed by a music too strong.

Ghosts, flying things, futile things, immaétérielles, without shadows,

Second Life Seeking the gestures in a multiverse,

But with you an idea to create a choreography while a simple gesture cost 35 linden?


The Butoh dancers have stolen.

Nobody in the screen,

Nobody in the silence of images,

Only owner's lands with money, 3h a.m R.D.V on Ballet Pixelle,

Coordinates: Quat (42, 9, 107) GESTURES

Only owner's lands with money

1: the finger rises 2: she drops her head, 3: his anger 4: zombie eyes

Am I cyborg?

To sleep... Alarm... 2h45 Computer on,

Teleportation, `

Many avatars, virtual chimeras in a silent setting. In kitsch objects, too ... baroque.

Only owner's lands with money

Three feline dancers appear to human characters,

IThere are not only cyborgs Three steps and sleep

When I wake up the character is absent and the theater closed.

Meeting next Saturday at 3h a.m Biarritz rises.

A flow of self in the gaze of eight pairs of eyeballs.








Rencontre du troisième multivers 2015