Les Choses sont naturiennes 2015

Password: sapintrue



Screenshot of Second Life, video.

Written text for the exhibition j'ai Mal J'ai Peur, at the Vivo Equidem Gallery

The realization of this video is born from my apprehension of the appearance of the Internet of objects (IoT), the extension of the Internet to things and places of the physical world. I fear and fear that privacy will disappear: the more things are connected, the more our lives are revealed. I believe that our data (DATA) must remain personal and what hurts me is the vision that I have of younger generations who are no longer aware of the demarcation between shared folders and private files, Use of networking software "Things are naturals" is part of my research on naturist hikers and the disclosure of our information on the Internet. When I noticed that naturists spoke very little outside their community and did it mainly on private web groups (by avatars), I wondered how our body (physical and intellectual) can interact with the Internet system . The story takes shape as a walk through Second Life, a virtual naturist hike. The scenario is built on the principle of a road movie. The character is an avatar. It is the intermediary between the machine, my findings and my questions. The voice we hear is that of the computer. It is produced by a software called "Terminal" of my MacBook. Doubt arises. Is it my voice? Through this process, I want to create "a situation embroidery", a hypothesis of life situations. The virtual landscape that one sees raises a question as to the notion of reality What is true? Natural? Walking allows you to take a step back. Walking makes it possible to relativize the human experience. I am looking at the relationships of cybernetic multiverse. I believe that in the face of events and progress, the rapidity of information, we are disoriented. We do not have enough time to think about situations. We must breathe and take the time.