@ ADAGP Alizée Armet 2019








Way of Life 2017


A showcase to echo the noise of the mall. Way of Life is a study on our consumption of images, shapes. The window is for me a physical page, a little palpable. The aestheticism of the Ametzondo Shopping Center reminds me of the flow produced on platforms, chat sites. People walk in a horizontal direction. The pages work in a vertical direction. Way of Life resumes and distorts the mall codes. It makes it absurd but critical. A manual for you to go to super heroes of ikea based on L.E.D and a video to resume its architecture. Those are pop-up rendered visible. It is a world of still images. We want to make them life and poetic.


Installation "Vitrine", Centre commercial Ametzondo, Bayonne, Yöp workshop.

Fait en deux temps: Une partie dissimulée et une autre partie dévoilée