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e-mail: aalizee001@ikasle.ehu.eus


2017: PhD, (in progress), Investigacion in Contemporary Art, UPV/EHU, Leioa, Spain

2016: MASTER CLASS, Festival Time to Love Dance, Biarritz, ESA des rocailles, Biarritz, France

2014: DNSEP with honors for originality option art, ESAAA, Annecy, France

2012: DNAP option industrial arts with honors, ESA des Rocailles, Biarritz, France



2017: Seminar Herramientos para pensar el arte Contemporáneo, 27,28,29th December 2017, Centro Huarte, Huarte, Spain

2013: Explora Sup, Annecy, France



2018: Piratear su cerebro, First congress Hacking the System, AKME, 12/13/2018, UPV/EHU, Bilbao, Spain



2018:IEPA#3, Residence interexchange between Nekatoenea and Basis, 23th April at 23th Jully 2018, Frankfurt, Germany

2017: Summer Camp Residency, Bassilac, France

____ Workshop at IKEA Coop Association, St Pierre d'Irube, France

2014-16: Workshops of the Communal, December 2014-December 2016, Bidart, France

2014: La Envidia, 29 September to 21 November, Valencia, Spain



2019: STADT.xml, IEPA#3, April 2019, ESAPB, Bayonne, France

_____STADT.xml, IEPA#3,January 2019,Basis e.v, Frankfurt am main, Germany___

2015: DUMB THINGS, November 2015, Le Second Jeudi Gallery, Bayonne, France

_____ STYRODURODROME, September 2015, The Centrifuge, Pau, France

_____ TRAMES: 24 March to 11 April 2015, BU, Campus de la Nive, Bayonne, France

2014: DULCES. November 2014 La Envidia, Valencia, Spain

2013: AH TU T'ES ENCORE ECLIPSE ?, October 18 to 28, Kasual Friday, Bitamine Faktoria, Irun, Spain

2010: SURVIVAL TURTLE CARAPACE, 21May to 21st June, Museum of the Sea, Biarritz, France



2017: JAUNE JAUNANT, Arcad, Anglet, France

_____Quand Denis rencontre Phillipe, Openning, Chaideny Paris, France

_____UNE COMMUNAUTE SANS TETE, Summer Camp Residency, Bassilac, France

_____Jun 04 2017: Video projection, Sous Les Tropiques Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium.

_____MONTH OF THE YOUNG CREATION, Yöp workshop, Coop Association, Bayonne, France

_____THE URBAN KABINET, May 2017, Brussels, Belgium

2016: THEME PARK, "carte blanche"Le Second Jeudi, Atalante, Bayonne, France

_____ APOLLO Festival, December, Boucau, France

_____ ART AL VENT XIII, August, September, Gata de Gorgos, Spain

_____ PANIC # 2, Aprill l'Amour Gallery, Paris, France

_____ AUTHORIZING POST STAMP, January 2016, Hippocrene Foundation, Paris, France

2015: J'AI MAL, J'AI PEUR, September 23 to December 23, 2015, Vivoequidem Gallery, Paris, France

_____ TOGETHER BY BAND, September 2015, ESA des rocailles, Biarritz, France

_____ KABINET OF BOOK # 2, April 18-24, 2015, Brussels, Belgium

2014: SCENES MARINES, CARTOGRAPHY DES DESIR, June 17 to 20, Festival D3 Sound, Dunkirk, Nord Pas de Calais, France

_____ IMPLEMENTATION, 13 to 21 June, former school Sous Alevry, Cran Gevrier, France

_____ PERFORMANCES, 25 April, Ensba de Lyon, France

_____ DOMESTIC PRACTICES, 25 February to 6 March, CNEAI =, Chatou, France

2013: CARNE VALLE, April 16th to 23rd, Flux Factory, New york, United States

2012: MONSTRE SACRE, BALEAPOP # 3, August 9 to 12, Guéthary, France

_____ ISLAND OF FAISANS, 23 to 28 June, Crypt Sainte Eugénie, Biarritz, France

_____ ISLAND OF FAISANS, 3 to 4 May, Amphitheater of Bilbao, Spain



RADIO KULTURA 26/12/2017

Sud Ouest 21/09/2017

Sud Ouest 12/22/2016

Wall Street International 09/30/2015

Sud Ouest 09/16/2015

Sud Ouest 08/08/2012 .








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