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e-mail: aalizee001@ikasle.ehu.eus

Alizée Armet is a French artist based in the Basque Country (FR) and Paris. An image that attracts the eye: a thick flyer on which we see a kind of Komondor, haired dog Long (here in the photo, they are mops arranged like a dog) on ​​a background of blue fabric at the Way of a Screen Motion, which could be replaced by another background image via a computer software. When you enter the anti white cube exhibition space by Different proposals of Alizée Armet, one is at first subjugated by the meticulous work that is embroidery. These fabrics & napperons obviously evoke the traditional art of textile. Then, little by little, one discovers the diversion of these objects, one finds several indices of the World Wild Web: computers, DATA & embroidered HTML. Even the scenography of the exhibition Allows the works to interact with each other like a spider web extending over the network Internet. Everything can be linked, any dialogue. The art of embroidering, this patient craft, contrasts with our way of surfing the web, reading the Information without retaining them. Here, embroidery is a kind of memory, that of Alizée but also the our. Our memories of the network are there, delicately transcribed on canvases (real fabrics) By cross stitches, stem stitches, stitches, etc., such as pixels forming a digital image, And marked concretely, manually in this space. Alizée explores the metavers, flows and throws them on matter. It reappropriates the use of Embroidery, it makes a new interpretation.

Quitterie Carpenter,

Mediation and communication officer at Accès (s) Electroniques


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2017: PhD, (in progress), Investigacion in Contemporary Art, UPV/EHU, Leioa, Spain

2016: MASTER CLASS, Festival Time to Love Dance, Biarritz, ESA des rocailles, Biarritz, France

2014: DNSEP with honors for originality option art, ESAAA, Annecy, France

2012: DNAP option industrial arts with honors, ESA des Rocailles, Biarritz, France



2017: Seminar Herramientos para pensar el arte contemporanéo, 27,28,29th December 2017, Centro Huarte, Huarte, Spain

2013: Explora Sup, Annecy, France



2018: Piratear su cerebro, First congress Hacking the System, AKME, 12/13/2018, UPV/EHU, Bilbao, Spain



2017: IEPA#3, Residence interexchange between Nekatoenea and Basis, 23th April at 23th Jully 2017, Francfurt, German

____ Summer Camp Residency, Bassilac, France

____ Workshop at IKEA Coop Association, St Pierre d'Irube, France

2014-16: Workshops of the Communal, December 2014-December 2016, Bidart, France

2014: La Envidia, 29 September to 21 November, Valencia, Spain



2015: DUMB THINGS, November 2015, Le Second Jeudi Gallery, Bayonne, France

_____ STYRODURODROME, September 2015, The Centrifuge, Pau, France

_____ TRAMES: 24 March to 11 April 2015, BU, Campus de la Nive, Bayonne, France

2014: DULCES. November 2014 La Envidia, Valencia, Spain

2013: AH TU T'ES ENCORE ECLIPSE ?, October 18 to 28, Kasual Friday, Bitamine Faktoria, Irun, Spain

2010: SURVIVAL TURTLE CARAPACE, 21May to 21st June, Museum of the Sea, Biarritz, France



2017: JAUNE JAUNANT, Arcad, Anglet, France

_____Quand Denis rencontre Phillipe, Openning, Chaideny Paris, France

_____UNE COMMUNAUTE SANS TETE, Summer Camp Residency, Bassilac, France

_____Jun 04 2017: Video projection, Sous Les Tropiques Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium.

_____MONTH OF THE YOUNG CREATION, Yöp workshop, Coop Association, Bayonne, France

_____THE URBAN KABINET, May 2017, Brussels, Belgium

2016: THEME PARK, "carte blanche"Le Second Jeudi, Atalante, Bayonne, France

_____ APOLLO Festival, December, Boucau, France

_____ ART AL VENT XIII, August, September, Gata de Gorgos, Spain

_____ PANIC # 2, Aprill l'Amour Gallery, Paris, France

_____ AUTHORIZING POST STAMP, January 2016, Hippocrene Foundation, Paris, France

2015: J'AI MAL, J'AI PEUR, September 23 to December 23, 2015, Vivoequidem Gallery, Paris, France

_____ TOGETHER BY BAND, September 2015, ESA des rocailles, Biarritz, France

_____ KABINET OF BOOK # 2, April 18-24, 2015, Brussels, Belgium

2014: SCENES MARINES, CARTOGRAPHY DES DESIR, June 17 to 20, Festival D3 Sound, Dunkirk, Nord Pas de Calais, France

_____ IMPLEMENTATION, 13 to 21 June, former school Sous Alevry, Cran Gevrier, France

_____ PERFORMANCES, 25 April, Ensba de Lyon, France

_____ DOMESTIC PRACTICES, 25 February to 6 March, CNEAI =, Chatou, France

2013: CARNE VALLE, April 16th to 23rd, Flux Factory, New york, United States

2012: MONSTRE SACRE, BALEAPOP # 3, August 9 to 12, Guéthary, France

_____ ISLAND OF FAISANS, 23 to 28 June, Crypt Sainte Eugénie, Biarritz, France

_____ ISLAND OF FAISANS, 3 to 4 May, Amphitheater of Bilbao, Spain



RADIO KULTURA 26/12/2017

Sud Ouest 21/09/2017

Sud Ouest 12/22/2016

Wall Street International 09/30/2015

Sud Ouest 09/16/2015

Sud Ouest 08/08/2012 .








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