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Pratiques Domestiques 2014

IInstallation at Cneai following a week of research residency. Laboratory -

Domestic Practices The Domestic Practices Research Laboratory, located at Cneai on the initiative of Jean-Marc Chapoulie, raises the question of what, from the inventions of Thomas Edison to the hegemony of Youtube, truly constitutes our "common world ". The experience is twofold. What research protocols can arise from a laboratory run by an artist? What forms can the results give in a space open to the public? From the observation of films by the Lumière brothers, this line of research attempts to capture the knowledge that can be derived from it. Invited actors, whether artists, critics, theorists, scientists, bike specialists or miniature trainers, should practice mastering the near and far, evaluating the right distance between themselves and other social realities. An exhibition hall of the Cneai welcoming researchers and artists becomes a territory that asks: what is our common world? This line of research aims to set up the conditions for a joint creation. There is no question of producing a hybrid object in which each individual's specificity would be lost, but on the contrary a process of active divergence so that the work of some inspires and revives that of others.

The scientific council: Sylvie Boulanger, Jean-Marc Chapoulie, Alexander Costanzo, Bastien Gallet, Géraldine Gourbe.