Installation at Second Thursday, Bayonne

Installation on the value of digital objects, human memory. I work on the notion of the Fantomic Objects. The objects are not so stupid and mute. Dumb Things questions our relationship with inanimate or extinct things. It is an interrogation of reality and virtual existence. Technology has painted a form of thought that made requestioned the status of the object. We are under the control of an enchanted world of transformation, a world of animate and inanimate things (animal, human, physical and immaterial). The hyper-rationalism of objects has created a magical and irrational universe. This exhibition is a theater of things. Its environment is virtual but its presence is real. These things are ghost objects. Things deliberately forgotten by mercantile society. Their existence subsists in their simple bricolage of materials. They can live in parallel continuity but are not refreshed in everyday consumer life. Embroidery, paper structures, video, printing

Video: Josi 2015

Dumb Things 2015