@ ADAGP Alizée Armet 2019








Memory Golden Palace 2014



Installation of End of studies.


Partir pour Okapulco, 2013, Teaser















Sorgin Dantza, 2013, vidéo, mot de passe: exotique

















In order of appearance:

- When several turns of balloons change to 2013 neutrinos, plywood, cloth, chicken wire, wooden mast, spindle motor, music player, 200 x160x 40cm

- Go Okapulco 2014, interior cabin fabric, installation and video, 200x150cm

- Metaphors, 2014, embroidery on fabric, 170x100cm

- Wet shoes and socks, dressed bodies become nude, 2013, embroidery on canvas, 100 X 160 cm

- Caribouuuu, Caribouuuuuuuuuuu, Mik'maq where are you? , 2014, wood and various materials, 200x 170x 4cm

- Sorgin Dantza, 2013, 3min video

- Untitled, 2013, embroidery on aïga, 11x10cm



Text Performed:


Memory Golden Palace. It is but a few things that golden sweetness in the parietal lobe. He wished him, the public, desirous of dead things, ghostly objects. The wait in slowness. Mysterious expectation of an action without image. Disturbance of memory. He, he publishes as the rest of a scrap of rubbish envrional waste images. Wall in relic. Nomadic wall of Corbusier. Blue-green talisman suggests cincestous drywall. Walls in birth. Walls in death in motion without states of being, plasticized matter. They hide more than in appearance. Hidden rendezvous in explosion. The objects are neither wild nor domesticated. When several hot air balloon turns turn into neutrinos. Searching Donkeyrs. The donkey is not far away. Winter Family. People's frame in the picture can not go down. The mechanical lullaby opens in the mist of phantom objects. The music is on a mental landscape. Cylindrical rotation bypassing the populace. Cylindrical rotation bypassing the populace. The ass flies away. It is neutrino. Invisible but heavy. Weight: 10 5eV3. Flies like a hot air balloon and skips into the brouillarta. Come hunt the animal in the cylindrical rotation. Shoot the sun. Dale, dale, dale. No pierdas el tino, Porque si lo stones, Pierdes el camino, Dale, dale, dale, No pierdas el tino, Mide la disrancia Hay en el camino No quiero oro No quiero plata . Echen candies Y canelones Pa 'los muchacos That his muy tragones. Anale Maria No te dilates Con la canasta De los cacahuates Andale Juana, No te dilates Con la canasta De los cacahuates The pinata tiene caca tiene caca tiene caca cacahuates de a monton. You will not lose the way. The view is mental. The scene is ghost object. Strike and you are blessed. Strike and you are naked. Verbalizes the gesture by the striking note revealing the surprise. Go to Okapulco River, Maples, Flowing sap. Immigration of inetentions, of population of yesteryear. Quebec language premise of the French. Cultivation in incubation. Ghost object in culture. Up there, come to Okapulco in the wooden cube of attentions. Devalling knots and denouements. The epileptic image of the floating nudity of the Carnival. In rhythm of donkeys. Shadow of Day is Done implanted in the country of the bagels. Pines blocking the loophole through the humus. Shamanism of the Sciences. Animism of the natural senses. History in parallel dimension of the quotidens. Walking choreography. Lost in sight. Misty stones. Shadow becoming surreptitious. Color without density. Metaphors. Metaphors of perceptions. Snow Crash. Snow MOO. Pixels become cross stitch again. Fibers in rhizomes. Penelope, motherboard of Second Life continuously. Cyberspace image simulates retinas. Severity, weather and climate were multiplied tenfold. Textual voice image. Avatars hiding. Adipose Nebula Cubes. Nudist ghosts in the glossy blur of the landscape candian. Emmanuelle Pireyre appeared. "-Shoes and wet socks, dressed bodies become naked." Axioms of nudity. Moisture makes naked surfaces. Peregrination of naturist hikers. Profusion of naked sexes in disappearance. Bipolarity of nudist and textile worlds. Fuzzy faces. Analogy of the instinctive and definitive form. Pixelated faces. "-Carribou, caribouuuuu, Mik'macq where are you? "Beast that enlightens and affects affects. Hunting animates and runs away from the caribou. Snark hunting with Pierre Perrault. Fugue in the catch of the envisageable. Path of stones. Point A at point B teeming with lapis lazuli. Meshwork stones. Timescale.Near Tim Ingold at the corner of a dead end. Design of Mik'maq blue fabric mats in the wake of the mesh. The totem displayed as a trophy of hair behind a showcase, like a teeshirt coat of arms. "-Caribou, caribouuuuuuuu, .... and then the blue rocks". Sorgin Dantza. Call unanswered. Ecums fly. Women in motion. Characters camouflaged in the extent cabalistic mania. Far away memories in a present time. Enigmatic sensation of a timeless time. Oral culture of disorganized gestures. A scaled memory of a past range. The circle melts in the sand against the wind. Tracking Hapiness or how to capture the memory and dance to the wonders of Lol V. Stein's craze. Listening is in the speaker. The words fly away. Memories are metaphysical snippets. Rocky mythology of infallible memories. Heads disrupt what is produced by dead things. The thought of do-it-yourself, multiple aggregates, creates a primitive logic.