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Partir pour Okapulco 2014

Embroidered manifesto and silver photo

Embroidered book 140 pages 26 x 15 cm

Partir pour Okapulco is an attempt to clarify a mystery that has taken place over the past few years. A group of people decided to detach themselves from this label of naked people "slumped" on a beach for other horizons. Okapulco is the contraction of Oka, a nature reserve and pulco for Acapulco. The result is the paradise of naturist hikers. Yet when you take a closer look, you notice that these naturist hikers have a relationship to the impressive and wacky image. There are multiple websites that relate facts and gestures. Their sites could be part of these works of art of Net Art. What interests me in these individuals is the possibility of acting through a naked body in a nomadic place. Their walk is akin to performative, furtive and secret actions. A form of drift that I noted in Thierry Davila's Marcher, Création. The confrontation of the naked body with nature. A naked body in the collective consciousness means a body in a closed environment. Well when you add hiking, there are many more possibilities, imagination in this group. There will certainly be the question of the naked body that is strolling is it pornography? Between folklore, nomadism (their group moves in different places but framed by people with walkie talkies for textile interventions), secret group. This subject can take the form of a road-history between road-movie, experimental writings, theoretical in the face of secret experiments. A road movie is a genre unique to the American continent. This is a review by the car. Yes, there is no car in my history but it is a hiking trip. A writing as a story, a modern tale present itself as a story and helped a website opposed to documentary and an ethical writing. These individuals could explain my work of this created character: the nudist ghost. Naturist hikers also call themselves "Naked Ramblers". 7 hours drive from Montreal to Toronto by car with two unknown naturists, it is from there that everything is gone, history, form. The design was made on the basis of a tapestry: one visible side and the other invisible. The poster echoes the painting by Peter Doig, Canadian. The original work is embroidered. Each fabric has its own history. Tim Ingold in A Brief History of Lines, refers to the word "meshrock" as a braiding of fabric, filaments. The story is composed on the basis of a cinematographic form in the form of zigzags, alternated by fragments of the organizer and quotations. Life is built of rhizomes The book has an embroidered post-it where is a password. Our world turned on speed. It's embroidered. This is paradoxical. It is a question of time, the time of rapidity and slowness for a word. This subject is related to my work because I make a story through rhyzomatic drawings and therefore embroidery. I am working on a search for a certain concealment whatsoever corporeal or other, the ghost, hidden things. I could have mentioned the emergence of the animal of JC Bailly but it would be more the emergence of the naked body in nature. A disappearance and an upsurge. The latter as a tale to decode the "hidden thing." This work made me consider the form of the narrative. He asked me the link between fiction and reality. In fact, "to talk about reality, we must go through a fiction" Jacques Rancière in the Sharing of the Sensitive. The question of the gaze of nudity has arisen through nature and the performative and furtive aspect. It exists as a form of life, performers of everyday life. He queries the word "embroider". It is an addition of matter on a basis and a way of making the truth. This group operating in a secret way has actions like sectarian. Using fiction is a way to break the walls of the invisible. I wanted to question writing as an embroidered image. A .jpg image, is a virtual embroidery so why not the image of a naked body? Through this writing, the questioning is focused on the "pathway gesture" seen by Michel de Certeau as a thread of fabrication and narrative form. The sewing machine became the storyteller in place of my own body. The voice was replaced by his silent but material writing. Of course, I used for this narration the point of view of the idiocy close to amateurism. There is a big stake in a bipolar world: textiles and naturists. A visible and invisible world. One question remains to me: it's the role with the internet. This will to keep secrecy in the terrestrial world but that disclosure affirmed on the web by avatars. Why? Funny combination that cybernetic naturists become.