INSTALLATION 2018-2021 Basis e.V, Frankfurt-Am-Main, Germany

It is as an amplification of the perception of «Machines» and the «human brain», more particularly what happens in the interferences between these last two. It is also a criticism of the presence of this intimate technology, close to us and which has evolved the is to allow me to establish a form of artist-machine system, to go outside this view of «better view than the other»? The human being can only see by a «band-width» system. He has some ability to see between the UV and Infrared rays while what relates to the technology he is acts more than an assembly of codes, algorithms.

Armet.A (2021). "Recherche Artistique". Art et technologie au XXIe siècle. De la machine de vision à l'intelligence artificielle. Tesis UPV/EHU. p. 217-257